How to Download Tik-Tok videos to Android Phones

To download Tik-Tok videos with out watermaker into your Android phones, you could use our service to get your favorite ones. There are basic three steps.

Step 1: Copy video Link
  • Open Tik-Tok app. Tap the "Share" button.
  • Tap "Copy Link" button to save the video URL to your system clipboard.
Step 2: Search the video
  • Open Browser and go to
  • Paste the video link into the search box and tap the "Search" button.
Step 3: Download the Video or Audio
  • Tap format to select MP3/MP4
  • Tap on the "Download" button to save your video locally, or
  • Tap on the "DropBox" button to save the video to your DropBox account, or
  • Tap on the "QR Code" button to show the QR image, your friend or anyone else could scan the image and directly download the video in her/his mobile phone.